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Solutions in energy efficiency- ecological - Sustainable construction

There is a way to contribute to the protection of humanity, and that is not to resign yourself.  (Ernesto Sabato)

Our most outstanding achievements have been focused on construction, with our high security materials both fire retardant and anti-explosion. Knowing the potential of Ssifex securit, we have taken the step of adapting them to energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic protection and savings, both in the development of the work, and in the energy saving of each home. Committed to the environment, managing to be products in high demand at this time. Without forgetting that the protection of a building is essential for the safety of families

Summary of the most significant collaborations with different official and private institutions in matters of high security against fires and explosions.

Technical conferences in the Community of Murcia CEIS firefighters consortium (Spain), for the prevention of high intensity fires in other types of facilities. Technically directed by the engineering department of the Miguel Hernández de Elche University

Evidence in San Gregorio, Zaragoza, regarding antiterrorist protection. Barracks, armament of the general direction of the Civil Guard. General Military Academy of the Interior, directed by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, Polytechnic University of Madrid, School of Roads and Bridges, supervised by Professor F. R. L.

The Technological Institute Marañosa with Section Armament Civil Guard, at the request of Tedax and Gedex, directed and supervised by commander CIPET, Ordnance Engineer, specialist NBC.

Tests with the Ministry of the Interior and UPM in collaboration with the NCEX project, successfully recreating the eta attack in T4 Spain, directed by Professor F.R.L.

Experimentation and development of new materials, tested in the Materials Laboratory of the Engineering Department.

Construction of containers with real fire (flash over), with different consortiums of firemen. SPAIN. 

APQ storage containers and special transport boxes.

Construction of deposits for guard and custody of ballistic and armament in:

– Tres Cantos, Madrid – Intxaurrondo, San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) – La Salve, Bilbao – Vitoria – Tarragona – La Palma de Gran Canarias – Las Palmas – Fuerteventura

Fireproof, anti-explosion and noise protection in critical facilities and infrastructures.

Works in Saras Energías.

  • Viking protections.
  • Pyrotechnic storage.
  • Protection of Structures and Hydrocarbon Deposits

CLH in Zone 0 Loading of spill buckets and special coated tank support.

Works for Protection and Security:

Museum MAC.

Fireproof, anti-explosion and noise protection in critical facilities and infrastructures.

Protection of concrete and steel structures

Application system for steel structure. ENAGAS

Civil works for architect Sánchez Medrano

EGYPT Collaboration in building systems for government of the Arab Republic of EGYPT


  • Solutions for mining and Hoffman Furnaces, saving 50%v of energy

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