SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS For the construction


One of the most common security risks in housing is that a fire occurs. For this reason, it is essential that our home, work centers, studies, etc … have some protection measures incorporated. In addition to smoke detectors and alarms, other fire safety measures include fire retardant and insulation materials.

Flame retardant materials are all those that resist and withstand fires well. They are used as a basis for elements of the building.

-It prevents the rapid spread of fire.

-Protect the structures that are covered.

Thus, the fire does not deteriorate the house as much and does not suffer structural damage that requires major works or reconstruction. the insulations are protections that are made with fireproof materials. They are usually located on walls, floors. This allows the high temperatures of the fire remain contained and not spread to more stays with the damage they can cause. That is the main purpose of our fire retardant systems with which to cover walls and structures economically, giving them fire retardant and insulation properties.

Passive protection against fire: As a single element or in collaboration with other construction elements, we have the possibility of providing protection up to Ei 240, even higher, in a single element and at a highly competitive cost in relation to competitive products. Reforms and rehabilitation of buildings, allowing to level walls, cover flakes and recover an ideal appearance in repair and restoration work.

This system is developed with the collaboration of different levels related to the fire brigades, as well as certification laboratories and engineering and materials development departments of various universities.

The application on exterior walls of sectorization is also possible with additional exterior treatments not incorporated in the mortar.

Space habitats (Flashover): Training of fire brigades.

Bleve Solution: We provide the technical solution to a global problem that affects refineries, gas companies, storage areas for dangerous products, pipelines, etc.

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