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IF-EX mortar for high security systems Ssifex Securit security systems with high performance are focused on construction projects that require high security conditions. Systems designed for those spaces where extra security is needed such as embassies, military installations, public buildings, areas for personal safety, panic rooms or industrial warehouses. In addition to protecting people and buildings, Ssifex Securit security systems offer high fire resistance and mechanical resistance.

Fireproof, explosion-proof, s environmentally friendly and high hardness insulation plasters

In collaboration with various public bodies, we have succeeded in developing a material with excellent behaviour in the event of violent attacks, with explosive materials…

These materials have been tested by State Security Forces, Certification Laboratories and Universities; by means of various tests and simulations of real situations, in which the extraordinary behaviour is demonstrated.

The same properties as described above can be maintained, but in this mortar, or a combination of several (for solutions to protect elements against pressure waves, several solutions can be combined, and it is advisable to have the supervision of the technical department of the company to evaluate the best option), vermiculite is added to the matrix.

Test reference, specimens of 160x40x40mm, in tests carried out in the materials laboratory of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

Three mortar options are referenced depending on the percentage of vermiculite. Additional references can also be manufactured depending on the use and application.

Fire resistance

As a reference for fire behaviour, the non load-bearing wall tests carried out at AIDICO, on a 40mm thick brick supporting wall, as well as those carried out in the laboratory of the Miguel Hernández University, are observed.

Fire and impact resistance

The designed material has to be able to withstand three fundamental effects, therefore it has to have three different performance properties:

1. Able to absorb the shock wave or pressure wave. On the other hand, it has to slow down the propagation velocity of the wave within the material.

2.It must be capable of not spreading shrapnel and not be a shrapnel generator.

3.In addition, it must be able to withstand the high temperature that reaches the element to be protected.

As a reference for pressure wave absorption behaviour, we rely on the tests carried out at the San Gregorio camp under the supervision and management of the Directorate General of the Civil Guard.

The pressure values achieved in a test of 84 kg of T.N.T. at a distance of 3 m are analysed.


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