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Innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency in building materials.

Silica sand housing

After several years of R+D+I, Ssifex Securit, SL has the technology to create bricks and walls with silica sand and recycled materials. Designed precisely for this purpose, also providing high mechanical strength at a more than reasonable cost.

The support, a mixture of silica sand incorporated, provides a mass with a flexural strength of 6N/mm2, and a compressive strength exceeding 11N/mm2, which can be increased if necessary.

It is therefore a conglomerate, the shape of which is mouldable, and different configurations can be obtained. Perhaps the most suitable for the case that defines us, is to form a brick of variable dimensions according to the intended use.  Thus, from the constructive point of view, we can work with rectangular shapes that can reach up to 50 cm. or any shape that can be made by means of the moulding system. Bricks, pedestals, balustrades, handrails, decorative elements, steps, etc.

Our constructive solution aims to offer the manufacture of materials that are simple to produce, and which we will subsequently convert into habitable, economical, dignified houses as well as ecologically efficient villages in desert areas.

The benefits, manufacture of elements of the so-called sustainable economy, and therefore economical and easy to apply.